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VoIP DID Numbers with SUPER quality!

Sipon customers can choose Greek Did number 215 xxxx xxx with only 1.5 € / month.
In this number you will be able to receive incoming calls from all telephony providers around the world. All you'll need is a virtual phone (Softphone) you can get completely free, or a suitable IP phone device. Sign up here.

Best voip prices

Unlimited minutes of talking to you with all SipOn Voip users.

0.0190 € /min. to all Greek fixed.
0.0400 € /min to all mobile in Greece.
0,0350 € /min to all fixed Germany and others.
All this with 0, - € monthly cost
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Sipon offers
telecommunication companies with call center traffic (CC Traffic) high quality voip routes via a number of carriers. Start your own Call Shop Business direct and easy! VoIP TRUNKING for Call Centers with SPECIAL OFFERS.



Grandstream GXP1615 IP Phone (Code: GSTR-0075 )
60.76 EUR
133.92 EUR
(Code: BeroNet GSM Gateway)
2000.00 EUR


All VoIP Services

Voip Resselers

Sipon gives you so many options when establishing a VoIP business. You can have different types of services, such as: Callshop, reselling, prepaid calling cards, PINless, callback, call centre, call Shop, hosting … just to name a few! All this with white Label.


We need a SIP device or a softphone (most of them available for free on the internet)

FAX Operation

Fax - Send via Fax and download as pdf. Save money by not requiring additional fax equipment and extra lines


You need a sip account from sipon with the billing pricing package on international and national destinations. To create your SIP account click here


Voip can also work through a PBX that supports Voip telephony. If PBX does not support Voip we can turn your PBX into a Voip PBX with Gateways.

Answering Machine

Voice mail function. I receive email messages that I have received in wav format.


Sipon provides you with unique Voip telephony solutions for your company and your mobile.
Save time and money with Voip services from Sipon.
VoIP telephony with Greek number and SUPER quality only with 1.5 € / month!
In addition, you can talk totally FREE with your friends and colleagues all over the world who are subscribers to the SIPOn VoIP service.

In your number you will be able to receive incoming calls from all telephony providers around the world. All you'll need is a virtual phone (Softphone) you can get completely free, or a suitable IP phone device.
If you still wish to transfer your fixed number to Sipon, you can do it with only 15 €.

Why SipOn VoIP?

  • SIPOn VoIP has the best quality you will find on a VoIP service world-wide
  • It has the best prices from all alternative providers in Greece and FREE calls between SipOn users.
  • Ability for unlimited simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls by identifying your number
  • An email alert is provided whenever your balance falls below the limit you set
  • Ability to connect multiple SIP phones with the same SipOn Number. All phones that are configured with the same Sipon Number can make outgoing calls at the same time while ringing all together on incoming VoIP calls (regardless of the FollowMe setting).
  • Support T.38 FAX. This means that customers with an ATA can receive and send faxes with a regular fax machine attached to the ATA. (The same applies to Fax / pass-through for asterisk etc.)
  • Access the voicemail from everywhere by calling 7777
  • Listen to your balance with 8888
  • You receive emails in wmv format that left you in your voicemail.

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